• How to Enroll Your Child?

  • Our educators aim to provide a quality educational program that accommodates the developmental needs and interests with all children at the service.

    We have developed an early education program that utilises both curriculum and goal based experiences which stem from previous learning and documents including our service philosophy, developmental milestones and the Early Years Learning Framework. In addition to this program, we also encourage and document spontaneous and individual learning over the course of the year and this available for families to view anytime.

    We understand that families know their children best and encourage families to share goals, ideas and any interests their child has from home to help us best encourage and support their child’s learning.

    At Little Saints Early Learning Centre we strive to offer high quality early education and care with a community atmosphere. We want all children and families to feel welcome, supported and empowered to be active contributors to learning, belonging and routines. We have built partnerships with local schools, community groups, support services and a range of early childhood professionals to support and develop the education and care needs of all children and families at the service. The rights of children are the core of our daily practices and programs, we believe every child has the right to education and care in a safe and nurturing environment that is free from bias of race, gender, culture and religion.

    Our educators strive to offer the children the children opportunities to make connections with their world and learn about the different cultures and lifestyles that make up Australia. We will educate children to show respect for the environment and an awareness of the impact they have and support them to develop sustainable practices through day to day routines.

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    Our Centre consists of Six dedicated Learning Environments
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