In Room one at little Saints Drouin, our educators believe in building a strong sense of security offering our babies a settled, calm and nurturing environment.

We offer our families the opportunity to spend time with educators and their babies to orientate and settle into their new learning environment. Building strong family bonds is essential to providing a solid foundation for families to feel confident and relaxed when leaving their smallest family members in the care of Little Saints Early Learning Centre Drouin.

Educators follow the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and create a positive and learning rich environment that encourages, nurtures and creates a love for learning in a play-based curriculum.

Our program is based around the observations of children, parent’s input and educators intentional teaching moments that help to create an exciting, creative and fun program that is based around each of our baby’s interests.

Our educators encourage our babies to be independent, confident explorers of life and learning, while remaining close and accessible in times of uncertainty. They are always ready for that cuddle, song or story.

While in care, our educators follow the individual routines of each baby, encouraging our parents the opportunity to provide daily updates through communication books and our online portal Educa.